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offline atm
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[AVA]-Trophy #2  Streams tonite & All-Star-Game Teams 08.04.2010 - 17:09
Hello ppl,

we will bring you the All-Star-Game tonite on two streams, one with and one without shoutcast.

You will find the game with shoutcast at about 21.20 cet here:

Without shoutcast you jump into it at 21.25 cet here:

Some Information about the Teams tonite:

Team Red

Denmark Vium
France Apleseed
Austria Thasmo
United Kingdom Disrepute

Bank: France fircrow
Bank: Germany Skube

Team Blue

Germany Memphis
France Gohlink
Germany Mariju
Germany Riepa

Bank: Spain Kaplan


Wow, we got three exciting maps with very close results. On CA1, the choice of the red team we got an 9-10, followed by the map of the blue team, dm20 which they won 8-10. As extra gift the teams agreed to play a 3rd map, CA2 which the blue team won again with 9-10.

Overall Red 26 - 30 Blue.

Thanks for the great entertainment guys.

Over both streams we got more then 100 viewers in average, the peak was about 130. Thanks for your attention, and I hope you enjoyed.

Thanks to the streamers and shoutcasters, that runs out of time to moderate the following CTF Action :-)
Links: • Without ShoutcastWith Shoutcast
written by Sordo

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