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Quake Live  CBOC: 4th Gameweek: [AVA] vs. BaN 03.11.2009 - 07:47
Hello ppl,

on Sunday evening we had to fight the Russian Team Brotherhood of all Noobs at the Clanbase Opencup. After a message of Anafema that we will have a delay about 25 Minutes we started with our mapchoice CA1 at 21:30.

After leading quick with 8:2 with an aggressive tactic we lost concentration and they won a few rounds. At the end we won the map with 10:6, suprisingly then a few weeks before we smashed them easily with 10:0/10:1 over all maps.


They choose DM20 as map and we started again with aggressive moving. But BaN starts running away and hiding in small rooms. After a close and hard battled start with a 3:3 result the hit nearly every rail and climbed up to 8:3. In the end we lost 4:10.


After shoot-out the third map was dm6. In fact of their rail accuracy over the whole team from about 60-85% we decided to let an CB Admin spectating the last map. We start moving quick to bend em down, most times at the pillars. They hit again a lot of fucking rail shots, but we killed em in infight situations, or the stairways and in the end we won dm6 with 10:4.


After all we decided to request demos from the BaN players. 2 Players of BaN have no GUID entered at their Clanbase profile too.

A few minutes before we start playing I got a hint that 2 players of BaN got caught using wallhack or/and railbots. You will find the link to the video here soon:

BaN caught?:

Have a look to their profiles and the matchlinks with their impressive rail skills by your own. It is very suprisingly that a player with an overall accuracy of 20% is able to hit in a clanwar 82% over 3 maps. Isn`t it?

CA1: 10:6
DM20: 4:10
DM6: 10:4

Overall: 24:20

The other results:

Spain 7art vs. Poland acme - 0:2 (DM6: 7:10, DM20: 9:10)
Sweden Jah vs. Sweden GLENN - 2:0 (10:0 10:1)


1. Poland 4-0 acme
2. Liechtenstein 3-1 [AVA]

3. Spain 2-2 7art
4. Sweden 1-3 GLENN
5. Russian Federation 1-3 BaN
6. Sweden 1-3 jah
Links: • [AVA] Group DCBOC CA
written by Sordo

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