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CBOC Fall/Winter 2010
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Quake Live  CBOC: 2nd League - Group D 22.09.2009 - 11:49
Hello everyone,

we will have a closer look to our Group D at the Fall Season Opencup of the clanbase:

As you may see in the older news we have 4 Groups for the 2nd League where we are acting. Each Group includes 6 Teams so that there will be 5 games for each team.

Group D

1 Germany [AVA]
2 Spain 7art
3 Sweden GLENN
4 Finland jah
5 Russian Federation BaN
6 Poland acme

We have only foreign teams to play. That may give us a little ping advante if we play the teams from russia, finland and spain. But we should not be to secure that we realy have.

Our games

week 41 (05.10. - 11.10.): 7art vs. [AVA]
week 42 (12.10. - 18.10.): [AVA] vs. acme
week 43 (19.10. - 25.10.): [AVA] vs. Jah
week 44 (26.10. - 01.11.): [AVA] vs. BaN
week 45 (02.11. - 08.11.): [AVA] vs. GLENN

Our opponents

Team 1: 7th Art Leader: tokeh

The Team from Spain. They have no own homepage yet, but we may find em on IRC in #spain.ql or even the #clanbase.ql channel. I have tokeh since month in my friend list, so it will be no problem to handle the things. They have a small roster with only 6 ppl on it. We have to play them first.

Team 2: GLENN Leader: dape

It is the swedish team in our group. I played some of em last night on a public. They seem to be strong at the rail, but they are a new grouped team which we may find in IRC at #[GLENN]. They have no known homepage yet. There roster count 7 ppl.

Team 3: Jah Army Leader: myriSh

It is the finnish team we played on last sunday in close games. On IRC we find them at #jaharmy. They have no known homepage yet. There roster count 8 ppl.

Team 4: Brotherhood of all Noobs Leader: Anafema

Maybe the worst team in the Group. We have pld em at the begin of September and won all games clear with 10:1. Will be interesting to see if they improved until the 4th gameday when we have to fight them. They announce no own IRC channel but a website:
They have 7 players from russia - 2 from the ukraine and one from latvia at their team.

Team 5: acme Leader: Sch

The Polish Team, 6 Team roster, website at
The jumped in for the not existing Team SIA, they are not that bad at all, we will see how the things are going.

Links: n/a
written by Sordo

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