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04.10.2010 - 19:56
CBOC: Gameday #1, 2 & 3
16.09.2010 - 21:32
gons left the castle
13.09.2010 - 17:09
CBOC Fall/Winter 2010
12.09.2010 - 21:25
Welcome narek & titan to [AVA]
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Clanbase   CBOC: Gameday #1, 2 & 3 04.10.2010 - 19:56
Hello ppl,

the first of five gameweeks is done. All three games in our group was played, with this results:

Gameday #1:

Liechtenstein Avalon - Clan vs.Finland Tactical Powerless Ameba 2-0 (CA1: 10:5 DM6: 10:2)
Russian Federation Team level vs. Italy Liquid Quake 2-0 (DM6: 10:8 DM20: 10:6)
Spain What the hell? vs. Estonia SexuallyErectedxXxYoungs 2-0 (DM20: 10:3 Coldwar: 10:4)

The current table (CB Ranking) Gameday #3

1. 3 0 0 6-2 66:50 Liechtenstein Avalon - Clan
2. 2 0 1 5-2 63:35 Spain What the hell?

3. 2 0 1 4-2 38:33 Italy Liquid Quake
4. 1 0 1 3-2 40:34 Russian Federation Team level
5. 0 0 2 0-2 07:24 Estonia SexuallyErectedxXxYoungs
6. 0 0 3 0-6 22:60 Finland Tactical Powerless Ameba

Gameday #2:

It looks like if the teams from Estonia and Finland are going to finish as 5th and 6th in our group. The italian team from Liquid Quake is playing the winner in division 3 last season Estonia SEXY on Gameday #2, while we are playing the Russian team level as second match on the upcoming Sunday 21:00 cet. Maybe a final game for TPA against the spanish team What the hell, with a second loss in row their chances to qualifie for the play-offs are gone.

Thursday 07th October 21:00 Liechtenstein Avalon - Clan vs.Russian Federation level 2-1 (CA1 10-3 DM6 0-10 DM20 10-7)
Thursday 07th October 21:00 Estonia SexuallyErectedxXxYoungs vs. Italy Liquid Quake (no show SEXY)
Sunday 10th October 21:00 Spain What the hell? vs. Finland Tactical Powerless Ameba 2-0 (Overkill 10-1 DM6 10-1)

Gameday #3:

Thursday 14th October 21.00 Italy Liquid Quake vs. Finland Tactical Powerless Ameba 2-0 (Overkill 10-8 DM6 10-5)
Sunday 21th October 21.00 Spain What the hell? vs. Liechtenstein Avalon - Clan 1-2 (Coldwar 6-10 DM20 10-6 DM6 7-10)
Sunday 21th October 21.00 Estonia SexuallyErectedxXxYoungs vs. Russian Federation Team level
Links: n/a
written by Sordo

Clanbase  CBOC Fall/Winter 2010 13.09.2010 - 17:09
Hello ppl,

yesterday at 23:59 the sign-up closed for the upcoming clanbase opencup. We entered as last of 34 teams the competition. Headadmins for this season are ouze from ibt and erk.

The next date that will bring us hoepfully good news is the next sunday the 19th September where the groups will be announced.
The deadline for the final games will be the 19th December. I guess if we reach the final of our division we will have maximum 7 or 8 games until christmas.

I added our team with a rating of 4/10 to the cup, because we got a new team and need some practise to mess with the teams we regular play with, like last season in League #1 at the [AVA]-CA-Trophy #3.

Some facts for the upcoming opencup:


CA1 - Asylum
CA2 - Trinity
CA3 - Quarantaine
DM6 - Campgrounds
DM20 - Hidden Fortress

Premium Maps:

Overkill (ra3map11)

Other Teams:

As I said before, 34 teams are actually in. Germany Germany send the most teams (6), one more then Spain Spain with 5 teams, into the tournament, followed by Italy Italy and the European Union European teams (4), France France and Poland Poland (3) and Sweden Sweden (2). Estonia Estonia, Finland Finland, Portugal Portugal, Russian Federation Russia, Slovak Republic Slovak Republic, Iceland Iceland and finaly Liechtenstein us :-)

11 teams added theirselves with a skilllevel of 5 and lower, and maybe our opponents this time in two groups of 6 teams each for Division #3.

That may be the possible divisions, if they group them after their self leveling:

Possible Division #1 Teams

Level 10

Sweden Victims of Society
European Union Procedemus
France Ownage Unit of cheating homosexuals

Level 9

France Fusion

Level 8

Germany Ultramaim
Poland Klan na drzewie
Poland Polish Game Control - KRS
Sweden Soulreapers

Level 7

Germany Deutschlands Kranke Horde
Spain Naked

Possible Division #2 Teams

Level 7

Germany f1st3d
Germany The Hemp Society
Poland Verde Distrito
European Union Stickup Gaming

Level 6

Germany Deathreign
Germany Intense Blood Taste
Spain The 7th Art
France Monsieur
France We are realy pissed
Italy Night Killers
Russian Federation Level
Iceland ice

Possible Division #3 Teams

Level 5

Spain Radical Team Force (#rtf)
Italy Liquid Quake
Estonia SexuallyErectedxXxYoungs

Level 4

Liechtenstein Avalon-Clan
Portugal Suck my Goam
Italy Fuck Quake Live Clan
Spain Sit Tibi Terra Levis

Level 3

Italy Wild Team
European Union Quake ++

Level 2

Spain What the hell
Slovenia Republic zap all

Level 1

Finland Tactical Powerless Ameba
Links: • Clanbase QL CA Opencup
written by Sordo

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